Project: Educational Theatre
Celebrating over 50 years of excellence
About Us
  • For over 50 years, Project: Educational Theatre has provided live theatrical productions of storybook classics to elementary schools throughout the Southern United States.
  • Our shows are professional traveling tours, originating from New York.
  • Written and directed for Pre-Kindergarten  through 6th grade.
  • Our shows are self-contained in that we carry our own Broadway quality sound and lighting equipment, sets, and costumes.
  • Our shows are designed to play in auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafetoriums, and all purpose rooms.
  • All performances occur during the school day and last approximately 50 minutes. We normally perform two or three shows a day in the same location.
  • We provide the school with flyers to send home to parents and a study guide to each teacher so the teacher may prepare the student before seeing the play.
  • The purpose of our program is to broaden the cultural interest of young children and to provide intellectual stimulation through a very carefully selected medium, live professional theater.
  • We take pride in our efforts to specifically target rural school districts that would otherwise not have the opportunity to see a production of this magnitude.
Please contact us for information regarding scheduling and fees for our 2019 production of King Arthur and the Magic Sword .
William J. Crumb Sr.
Founder and President
Project: Educational Theatre
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